After being a ballroom dance student for six years, Tony began training in the 1990’s as an instructor with the founder and original owner of Poise, Style & Motion ballroom dance studio in Worcester.  In 1997, he achieved certification as an instructor in American-Style Bronze Rhythm and Smooth Ballroom Dancing with the National Dance Council of America. In addition to many years of experience with ballroom dance performances and competitions, his favorite dance highlights include award winning performances on stage at Worcester’s Mechanics Hall and the DCU Exhibition Center as part of Dancing With The City Stars (2007) and Dancing with the Realtors (2008-10).  Currently, he continues to teach at Poise, Style & Motion where he is working toward his goal of achieving certification as a Silver Level Ballroom Dance Instructor.

After his first lesson, Tony remembers being so turned on to ballroom dancing that he would find himself running to the studio each time for his next appointment. An exciting, new world had opened up and he grabbed it with both hands and jumped in with both feet.  He remembers as a youngster, having gone to the weddings of family members and relatives seeking out and being happy if he found a couple on the dance floor who were skilled as ballroom dancing. Growing up he had studied various instruments and as a teenager imagined himself being a performer. In his twenties, the newly discovered world of ballroom dancing appeared as an ideal vehicle in which to combine his love for music with a desire to perform! Fast forward to 2011, the desire is alive and kicking!! The passion continues unabated!!

From Tony’s perspective, “it’s all about the music and the song.”  He really enjoys taking a particular song and building up unique dance choreography based on that song.  The resulting dynamic performance thus becomes a living and breathing expression of the music and art.
To book a complementary half hour private lesson with Tony. contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (508)752-4910.  

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