I wanted to say thank you to Heidi and to Poise Style and Motion for offering such wonderful dance lessons to my husband and I. We found PSM through Groupon, and used our 3 dance lessons to learn a little something for our first dance so we wouldn't just do the 'high-school sway' the whole time. They told us to bring in our song which I thought would be great practice, but I had no idea that they were going to choreograph an entire dance!  

Heidi basically did it right off the top of her head, and patiently taught us elegant and simple moves that we could pull off. We had such a great time learning dance moves that we could do during not only our first dance, but whenever we go out. (Nobody wants to be the couple that just sits and watches everyone else dance!) When all the moves were learned and practiced, the dance was beautiful, it flowed perfectly with the music and it kept us smiling the whole time. 

In the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, our dance lessons were quite possibly the best part. We were always laughing and stepping on each other's feet, but Heidi was there the whole way to cheer us on! 

When it came time to do our first dance, it went perfectly. Our families kept talking about how beautiful the routine was and how much fun we were having while doing it. You can tell by the pictures and the smiles on our faces that we were comfortable in our practiced routine, and it was a great way to start our reception and marriage!

Thanks so much again. It's hard to put exactly into words how appreciative we are for such a wonderful time. 


Brandy and Daniel Hartz



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